5 Reasons to Rent Two-Way Radios for Your Next Event

BearCom can help you decide whether your experience merits renting every year or perhaps buying some radios if that makes more sense. We’ve seen just about every radio rental scenario imaginable, so you can rest assured we’ll find the right mix for your event. Continue reading

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Educators Should Plan Now to Get Two-Way Radios Back to School

When the school year starts in the fall, you’ll have way too much on your plate with new students, parents, teachers and staff — that’s no time to be fretting over the health of your wireless communications network. That’s why you need life-cycle management for your school’s two-way radio fleet, and you need to do some planning in the spring to ensure your network operates at peak effectiveness in the autumn. Any equipment-management program will have one factor that’s beyond … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radios Help Keep Outdoor Venues Fun

It’s lot of work bringing the fun all summer – or all winter. Whether they’re mowing fairways, patrolling ski runs or maintaining theme parks, people in the outdoor recreation business need the right tools to keep the visitors smiling. Rugged two-way radios have been one of those vital tools for decades, bringing always-on connectivity to colleagues scattered across hundreds or even thousands of acres. Radios for outdoor recreation have several distinct requirements: Extreme water and dust resistance Long battery life … Continue reading

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Equipping a Golf Course Staff with Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are must-have tools for golf course workers, who know better than to rely on spotty cell phone coverage. A course warden depends on having a radio to call the groundskeepers to clear out branches blown down in overnight storms. Course pros, bartenders and restaurant staff also rely on radios to streamline customer service. At BearCom, we recommend that golf course managers equip their staffs with basic, industrial-strength radios like the CP200d from Motorola Solutions, a digital version of … Continue reading

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New Features Come with Latest Release of MOTOTRBO

Software and silicon chips make digital radios a bit more like handheld computers every day. With microprocessor capabilities perpetually expanding, radio manufacturers can pack ever more features into each model. That’s the lesson of the latest upgrade to Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital radios and communications gear, which makes several subtle enhancements to the experience of using these devices. Release 2.4 features: IMPRES over-the-air battery management Text to speech User-selectable audio profiles Event-driven location updates. Here’s a look at each … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: The Process from Beginning to End

Making the decision whether to buy or rent two-way radios can come down to something as simple as imagining a warehouse shelf. If you think your communications gear might spend a lot of time there over the course of a year, renting equipment may be the smarter choice. Rental radios are often seen at public events such as athletic competitions, concerts and festivals. The applications are almost endless, and include trade shows, corporate meetings and conferences, school and church outings, … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: CP200d for Golf Courses

Golf courses need a sturdy, dependable radio that’s just as handy for the groundskeepers trimming the greens as it is for the clubhouse staff serving the steaks. For years, the simplest choice for golf course managers was the CP200 portable two-way radio from Motorola Solutions. A workhorse of business communications worldwide, the CP200 offered a basic, easy-to-learn set of controls and industrial-strength construction. As the wave of digital technology washed over the radio industry in recent years, Motorola introduced the … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Digital Two-Way Radios in Construction

Rapid advances in mobile devices and wireless networking technology are changing the communications landscape. Companies can install temporary wireless networks and beam Internet connectivity to every nook and cranny of a designated area. That capability comes in especially handy on construction sites, where two-way radios have long been commonplace. Is there still a need for two-way radios in a time when construction professionals can bring their laptops, tablets and smartphones to work and communicate with colleagues around the world in … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Motorola HT1250 for Events and Venues

A venue manager looking for the best two-way radios for events has two realities to deal with: large crowds and loud performers. People numbering in the thousands mean security staff, concessionaires and maintenance staff all need to be able to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently no matter where they might be in the venue. Loud performances mean the radios need to be designed with noise-control technologies. Both of these realities create complex communications challenges that require radios packed … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Analog and Digital Radio Options in Schools

It’s a fact of life in schools these days: Kids text each other on their smartphones when they should be working on their algebra. But if a school has some kind of serious emergency, those phones suddenly become a lifeline for concerned parents. Tap in one number and they can be reassured their children are safe. That works fine until a whole school’s worth of parents tries to call in at the same time, overwhelming the local cell network. Cellphone … Continue reading

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For Car Dealerships, the Motorola CP200d is More Than Standard Equipment

Car dealerships cover a lot of ground. New and used cars and trucks along with service bays and the showrooms can sprawl over dozens of acres. It’s not like co-workers are within shouting distance. That’s why two-way radios are such a popular choice for car dealerships. Dealers know exactly how much coverage they need, and they can choose radios designed specifically for their needs. Phones are fine for contacting somebody at a desk, but people working under the hood or … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: MOTOTRBO for Airlines and Airports

Every flight into every airport affects travelers and cargo in other airports. We see it every time a blizzard in Chicago bogs people down for a thousand miles in every direction. That’s why it’s so essential for airports and airlines to have the right tools to maintain a steady flow of travelers, luggage and cargo. Two-way radios are ideal for airports because they sprawl over large, well-defined areas, and airport workers need radios programmed to avoid interference with vital signals … Continue reading

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Cyber Security in the Digital Oilfield

To stay competitive, energy companies have to be able to monitor every link in the production chain — from well to refinery to SUV fuel tank. Drilling sites, pipelines and refining operations all rely on complex networks of sensors, controllers and software to maximize productivity and prevent costly accidents. Wireless devices like digital two-way radios, smartphones and tablets play a vital role in keeping the fuel flowing, but they also offer tempting targets for cybercriminals looking to compromise vital energy … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radios and the Digital Oilfield

It’s easy to picture oilfield workers staying in touch via two-way radios if the nearest cell tower is a hundred miles away. It’s not so easy to visualize the sophisticated data-communication networks that keep today’s oilfields safe and productive. A recent white paper from Motorola Solutions notes that an oil rig can generate a terabyte of data in a single day — enough to fill 20 high-resolution Blu-ray DVDs. These data demands illustrate the rise of what Motorola Solutions calls … Continue reading

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Learn about U.S. Department of Defense MIL-810 Standards

What does it mean when a product says “MIL-STD-810” on the package label and the spec sheet? It might not mean what you think. MIL-STD-810 is a document developed by the U.S. Department of Defense advising its suppliers how to test their products for a range of military needs. For starters, it’s helpful to understand what MIL-STD-810 does not mean: It’s not an official certification declaring how well the product performed on any of these tests. It does not mean … Continue reading

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A Wireless Wish List for Santa

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to look at some of the most attractive products from the top manufacturers of wireless communications gear. Here’s a look at great gift possibilities across all the industries we serve at BearCom. Airlines and airports Ramp crews and private pilots alike prefer a portable two-way radio purpose-built for aviation. A great fit is the IC-A6 from Icom, which features simple one-handed operation and “flip-flop” channel recall and 200 memory … Continue reading

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Radio Options Expanding in Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky

Business radio customers across the Rocky Mountain region are about to have more options to choose from thanks to BearCom’s recent acquisition of Frontier Radio Communications, which is based in Denver and Colorado Springs. Frontier Radio has been in business since 1988, serving thousands of two-way radio customersin industry, manufacturing, hospitality, education, hospitals and public safety. Key clients include major ski resorts, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the city of Aurora, the Denver Post reported. The acquisition, announced … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Motorola XPR7350 for Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities have come to rely on the real-time capabilities of two-way radios (walkie talkies). The question for many of them today is whether to upgrade to digital radios. Motorola Solutions designed the XPR7350 portable digital radio to make that decision a lot easier. Part of Motorola’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communications gear, the XPR7350 is the entry-level model of the XPR7000 Series. It doesn’t have the keypad or LCD screen like the XPR7550, but it packs … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Motorola CLS1110 for Grocery Stores, Retailers, Shopping Malls

Competition in the retail sector is as tough as ever. When merchants are selling pretty much the same brands at pretty much the same prices, customer service is the one thing that can set them apart. That’s what motivated Motorola Solutions to develop the CLS1110, a tough, lightweight and compact radio, purpose-built for indoor environments up to 150,000 square feet. The CLS1110 has one channel and one watt of power on UHF, which illustrates the intent of this two-way radio’s … Continue reading

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Industry Solutions: Motorola XTS5000 for Government Agencies

The folks who arrive first at the scenes of accidents, crimes and natural disasters need the toughest, most reliable communication tools. Motorola Solutions was thinking about police on the street and soldiers on the battlefield when it developed its XTS 5000 line of digital two-way radios. Just about everything a government agency would need in a mission-critical portable radio is packed into the XTS5000, including: P25 trunking P25 is the standard for interoperability among government agencies, ensuring that ambulance drivers … Continue reading

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Battery Maintenance Tips

If you own only a few two-way radios and don’t use them all that much, you might not fret about your batteries: Just buy some extras and a charger, and you’re pretty much set. But as your radio fleet gets bigger, you really need to pay attention to your batteries. If your radios number in the dozens, hundreds or even higher, batteries can become a significant cost center. Squeezing the most life out of your batteries is just good business. … Continue reading

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Radio Accessories, Part 5: Surveillance Kits and Speaker Mics

Last of five parts A surveillance kit has to be quiet; a speaker mic has to be loud. That’s the only fundamental difference between these essential two-way radio accessories. Everything else is a matter of subtle differences in features and capabilities. Let’s take a look at each in more detail. Surveillance kits It’s true that spies, secret service agents and police officers on stakeout all use surveillance kits, which are optimized to allow wireless communications that are so discreet they … Continue reading

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Radio Accessories, Part 4: Belt Clips, Holsters, and Carry Cases

Fourth of five parts Two-way radio manufacturers usually provide a basic clip to attach their radios to a belt, but users often find they need more options: clips that attach in different ways and holsters or carry cases to provide extra protection and make the radio more comfortable to hold in the user’s hand. Let’s take a look at each of these kinds of accessories: Belt clips There’s more variety to clips than you might expect. The most basic belt … Continue reading

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Radio Accessories, Part 3: Antennas

Third of five parts For all the complex electronics inside a two-way radio, arguably the most important component is the antenna, which transmits and captures radio waves. Portable radios come from the factory with an antenna that has been tuned precisely to meet the needs of the radio it’s attached to. So why would you need an accessory antenna? A couple scenarios spring to mind: Broken and scratched — To operate at peak efficiency, an antenna needs to remain in … Continue reading

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Radio Accessories, Part 2: Headsets and Earpieces

Second of five parts Being able to hold a two-way radio in your hand goes from awesome to annoying the minute you start doing a chore that requires free use of your hands. That’s why earpieces and headsets are such popular accessories for two-way radio users. They set the hands free. A great way to explore these accessories is to walk through the features of an existing model. For instance, Motorola Solutions makes a head-hugging headset called RMN4049A that has … Continue reading

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Radio Accessories, Part 1: Batteries and Chargers

First of five parts Radio manufacturers usually provide basic batteries and chargers, which do a fine job as long as the radios don’t get a lot of use. Active users of two-way radios, however, soon find they need more charging capacity and more versatile, longer-lasting batteries. Fortunately, radio manufacturers and several aftermarket companies offer plenty of ways to turbocharge your power capacity. Chargers A single charger can restore the battery of a single radio, but people with a radio fleet … Continue reading

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How Motorola Solutions Improved on Its Most Popular Radio By Releasing the CP200d

The CP200 two-way radio from Motorola Solutions has been the company’s most popular radio for more than a decade. It’s an economical, industrial-strength portable radio with 16 channels, 4 to 5 watts of power and dust/water resistance. With few bells and whistles, the CP200 is easy to use and requires little training. About the only thing missing is digital capability — and Motorola closed that gap last year by introducing the CP200d, a digital/analog hybrid. The CP200d is identical to … Continue reading

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Special Trade-In Discounts from Motorola Solutions

If you have a large fleet of two-way radios from Motorola Solutions, you might be able to save a tidy sum if you upgrade now. Motorola is offering discounts from $325 to $2,000 for customers who trade up to some of the company’s most advanced models. Here’s a quick look at the deals: $2,000 credit for trading in 10 radios from the Motorola 6000 Series and buying from the XPR7000 Series and SL7000 Series. $1,250 credit for trading in 10 … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Repairs and Field Service

There are no loopholes in Murphy’s Law when it comes to two-way radio networks. A construction worker drops a handheld radio, then kicks it down two flights of stairs. Lightning strikes a radio antenna tower and turns a base station into a brick. Just about anything bad that can happen to your radio gear will happen no matter how careful you are. That’s why BearCom has one of the most extensive repair and field-service programs in the United States. Here’s … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Service Level Agreements

Once you’ve invested in a two-way radio network for your business, you need a way to contain the costs that accompany an equipment purchase. Paying for parts and hiring technicians to repair radios, repeaters and base stations might not be a big deal if your business owns a small network that is not mission-critical to your business. But the larger your radio fleet is — and the more deeply it is integrated into your business — the greater the likelihood … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Managed Services

The bigger a two-way radio network gets, the harder it becomes to keep everything up and running at peak efficiency. A sophisticated two-way radio network contains a web of radios, repeaters and transmitters that might connect hundreds of two-way radios. As more radio owners switch to digital transmissions, they are adding their radio networks to their Internet protocol, or IP, networks. That, in turn, integrates their digital transmissions into their wider IT infrastructure. As a leading provider of two-way radio … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Preventive Maintenance Plans

BearCom’s preventive maintenance plans are designed to reduce the likelihood of your two-way radio network failing when you need it most. These plans have four key benefits Keeping equipment in top condition Extending service life and saving money Ensuring your fleet is operating within manufacturer specs and remaining compliant with FCC regulations Reducing uncertainty and removing the guesswork Let’s look at these benefits in a bit more detail. Keeping equipment in top condition We think your radio network is only … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Extended Warranties

There’s a force in the universe that we do not truly understand which seems to cause manufactured goods to malfunction at the most inconvenient time after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. That’s why BearCom offers warranties for up to three years beyond the factory warranties. Respected two-way radio manufacturers will pay the cost of repairing defects that crept in on the assembly line, within limits. And no matter how hard these companies try to minimize defects (trust us, they try very … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Installation and Systems Deployment

Acquiring a sophisticated communications network is not like buying a radio at your local big-box retailer. It requires patience, preparation and perseverance on your end and exacting attention to detail on ours to make sure you get the best return on your two-way radio investment. Your network will have multiple components — radios, repeaters, cabling, headsets, antennas — that have to be special-ordered from multiple manufacturers, tested on our site, installed on your site and adjusted to iron out any … Continue reading

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BearCom Services: Consulting and Customization

It’s one thing to see the folks at your favorite fast-casual restaurant using radios to speed orders from the kitchen to your table. You realize, “yeah, that’s exactly why we need radios for our staff.” It’s quite another to confront the logistics of installing a two-way radio network in your workplace. All of asudden you have to worry about: Specific radio models — analog or digital, portable or mobile units Coverage range — how far your radios need to send … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola SL7550

Sometimes you have to carry a full-featured two-way radio, but you don’t want a bulky device at your side. In such a scenario, the Motorola SL7550 is ideal. It’s thin, stylish and brimming with high-end digital communication features. Part of the MOTOTRBO line from Motorola Solutions, the SL7550 is not much bigger than a smartphone and weighs about half as much as a standard two-way radio. It’s purpose-built for industries in which discretion is a virtue and style is an asset. (Think hospitality, personal … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7550

The Motorola XPR7550 is an advanced data-communication device built into a rugged, industrial-strength two-way radio. The XPR7550 anchors the Motorola Solutions 7000 Series of high-performance two-way radios. They are part of the company’s MOTOTRBO line of digital communication products. It might look like a standard two-way radio at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a broad spectrum of advanced digital features, starting with the keypad and extending to the five-line, full-color LCD screen. What you can’t see are the advanced … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Review: Motorola XPR7350

The Motorola XPR7350 two-way radio is rugged, powerful and packed with the latest digital communications technology. The XPR7350 is part of Motorola’s 7000 Series of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, which feature technology that brings the digital age to construction sites, oil platforms, distribution centers and just about any other workplace where workers rely on sturdy push-to-talk radios. Among the highlights: GPS tracking — If your people face any kind of on-the-job hazards, from traveling winter roads to drilling for oil in … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: Satellite Phones and Broadband Cards

Highly mobile people and companies inevitably find themselves disconnected — the traveling sales rep stuck in a hotel with no Wi-Fi or the oil-and-gas developer drilling wells 50 miles from the nearest cell tower. That’s where satellite phones and broadband cards really prove their worth. An Iridium sat-phone bounces calls off a satellite and can reach people in polar regions, remote deserts and empty expanses of ocean. A broadband card connects to the Internet over a cellphone provider’s network so … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: The Push-to-Talk Phone Option

Fifth in a series When you buy that new cellphone, within weeks something familiar happens: a new generation of phones arrives on the market with more power and better features. When you’re looking for push-to-talk phones for business use, that let-down feeling can be avoided when you rent push-to-talk phones rather than buy them. Another attraction is that BearCom deals with all the fine print in the service-provider contracts and handles all the complexities of getting your network up and running. … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: What Accessories Do You Need?

Fourth in a series So you’ve picked out the radios you want to rent for your annual arts and crafts fair, but you’re not done yet. You still have to decide on the two-way radio accessories: batteries and chargers, earpieces and headsets, speaker microphones, and perhaps even surveillance kits for your security crew. Every radio brand makes a host of accessories for specific radios. Typically, if you can rent the radio you can rent its accessories, but don’t assume. Make … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: Base Stations and Repeaters

Third in a series Base stations and repeaters add enormous power and flexibility to a two-way radio network. They also can add considerable expense and complexity. That’s why a lot of organizations choose to rent base stations and repeaters rather than buy them. You don’t have to bear the full cost of the equipment, and your dealer can be an enormous asset with the technical details. When you acquire a fleet of radios and turn your people loose on them, unforeseen problems … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: Dependable Analog Models

Second in a series So you’ve decided to rent two-way radios for your annual event. Renting is an economical choice, giving users access to the latest generation of radios at a much lower cost than buying. If you don’t need the encryption or data-transmission capabilities of digital radios, you will be well served by analog models. BearCom offers a range of Motorola radios for short-term rentals and long-term leases. The analog two-way radios for rent come with a range of … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Rentals: Why Digital and Which One?

First in a series Organizations of all kinds rent two-way radios for events ranging from county fairs to petrochemical plant turnarounds. Renting gives them access to the latest technology while avoiding the expenses associated with buying and maintaining equipment. The challenge often is deciding which models to rent. While analog and digital radios each have their strengths, there are some distinct advantages to renting digital radios. Improved audio quality Digital radios will maintain a good, solid signal farther than analog … Continue reading

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TeamTalk Expansion Brings New Levels of Two-Way Radio Connectivity

Cell phone service providers aren’t the only businesses that can tout their coverage. BearCom has expanded its digital two-way radio wide area network to provide uninterrupted two way radio connectivity from north of Sacramento, all along the west coast and across to most of Arizona. It’s the largest digital radio network of its kind. The TeamTalk Network is a wide area network offered by Fisher Wireless Services, the largest provider of local and regional two-way radio networking services in the country. … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radios Help Public Events Run Smoothly and Safely

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the busy season for public events. Did you know that more than 1.8 million meetings and events are held each year in the United States, resulting in $280 billion in spending? Wireless technology has impacted the events industry in a major way for years, and two-way radios remain its communications device of choice. The push-to-talk convenience of the two-way radio and its one-to-many communications capabilities make it possible for people to relay timely information. That’s especially important … Continue reading

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Wireless Success Story: Florida Restaurant Improves Service, Efficiency with CLP Series Radios

Motorola CLP Series radios have become commonplace in retail stores and other businesses that want to keep employees connected with affordable, easy-to-use two-way radios. Now restaurants are seeing the value of wireless communications. A recent article on TodaysWirelessWorld.com describes how a Florida restaurant issues Motorola CLP1040 radios to all employees to improve efficiency and customer service. “Taverna is a restaurant riding a hot trend, combining the chef-driven fare of a fine-dining establishment with the greater speed, efficiency, and volume of … Continue reading

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BearCom Participating in Special Promotion on Motorola CLS and CLP Series Two-Way Radios

Are you part of a retail, grocery, hospitality, security, or healthcare organization considering adding two-way radio to your communications capabilities? Would you like to add to your existing radio fleet? BearCom is participating in a Motorola Solutions promotion that rewards purchases of six CLS or CLP Series radios with a free seventh radio or free radio accessories. Motorola CLS Series Two-Way Radios Motorola CLS Series two-way radios are simple, rugged, and reliable, with intuitive controls that are easy to use. … Continue reading

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Huffington Post Tech Explores the Internet of Things with Help from BearCom

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic that continues to garner media attention by the terabyte. Now the IoT is moving beyond the trade journals and industry blogs to find a place in more mainstream publications. The Huffington Post recently took a look at the IoT, and it reached out to BearCom for some perspective. Business at the Dawn of the Internet of Things by Huffington Post contributor James Moore makes the point that, “Adoption of the IoT as … Continue reading

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Security Industry Improves Coordination and Safety by Employing a Range of Wireless Technologies

Security is big business in America, with estimated annual revenues of $350 billion. The federal government alone spends nearly $70 billion a year on homeland security. Despite those big dollar figures, security organizations are always looking for force multipliers, and many turn to wireless technology. Wireless equipment and devices have a long track record as effective force multipliers. They also deliver discretion, mobility, and improved coordination—all key issues for an industry that continues to refine the balance between vigilance and … Continue reading

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As the BearCom Bulletin Marks Three Years, We Look Back at Our Most Popular Posts

Three years ago this month, we started this blog, the BearCom Bulletin, to keep you updated on the news coming from BearCom, our partners, and the whole wireless world. In my very first post, I said, “Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to use this space to inform, educate, advocate, challenge, and salute. We hope to do so in a way that will enlighten and, at least occasionally, entertain you.” That was three years, more than 150 … Continue reading

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Teldio Introduces D3M at Motorola Solutions Channel Partner Expo

Big news from our partner Teldio! At the recent Motorola Solutions Channel Partner Expo (CPE), Teldio released D3M, the first web application that simplifies the end-to-end process of designing, documenting, delivering, and managing two-way radio networks. TodaysWirelessWorld.com reported from CPE that the response to D3M was overwhelmingly positive. The Teldio booth staff could barely keep up with the demand for live demos. Both technicians and sales reps see extreme value in the application and are already starting to use the … Continue reading

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BearCom Named to Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle for Best-in-Class Partners

BearCom takes special pride in the relationship we enjoy with Motorola Solutions, so it was especially rewarding when our largest partner named BearCom to its Empower Circle. The industry leader in two-way radios this year designated 101 companies for the Empower Circle, which recognizes Motorola’s best-in-class partners around the world. Representatives from Motorola and executives with the Empower Circle partners are set to meet soon for five days. While they are to discuss how everyone involved can grow their businesses, … Continue reading

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BearCom’s Two-Way Radio Partners Announce New Products at IWCE

The wireless industry takes its latest technologies to the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), and this year was no exception as Motorola Solutions and Icom America both arrived in Las Vegas with new products. Motorola Solutions used IWCE, the wireless industry’s largest annual gathering, to announce the introduction of its APX1000 and APX4000XE portable radios, as well as the mobile APX Dual radio. That brings to 13 the number of Astro 25 radios in the APX portfolio. The Motorola APX1000 is … Continue reading

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Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Information on Wireless Technology

More than 230 million users spend an average of 170 minutes each month on Twitter. The social network generates 500 million tweets every day. If you want to know who has the best information on wireless technology, you’ve come to the right place. Here is our list of the “must-follow” Twitter accounts for people interested in wireless technology. When putting together a list of people to follow on Twitter, the goal should be quality over quantity. Even then, you can … Continue reading

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Motorola Solutions Teams with SchoolSAFE to Offer Radio Interoperability System to 10 Ohio Schools

A key element of school campus security is the ability to quickly summon first responders in an emergency. And while calling 9-1-1 works, a direct wireless connection with police, fire, and medical personnel is even faster. That’s the advantage behind the donation by Motorola Solutions of 250 two-way radios to the Chardon Area Schools in Ohio. Each is equipped with the SchoolSAFE solution, which enables interoperable radio communications between school personnel and first responders. “School districts continue to identify methods … Continue reading

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Motorola Solutions Delivers Wi-Fi Service and a Whole Lot More to Alaska’s Largest Ski Resort

I’m just back from Alaska, where Motorola Solutions has boosted both customer satisfaction and staff productivity at the state’s largest ski resort with the installation of true high-speed, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage in every guest room with plenty of bandwidth to ensure superior wireless performance, regardless of how many devices may be in use. “Most hotels and resorts offer free high-speed wireless service but aren’t always able to deliver on their ‘high-speed’ promise,” reads a story on the Wi-Fi project by … Continue reading

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BearCom Designated a Motorola Service Elite Specialist by Industry Leader Motorola Solutions

The big news from BearCom this month is our designation by Motorola Solutions as a Motorola Service Elite Specialist. This is a reflection of our ability to sell, design, deploy, support, and service the highest tiers of Motorola products and solutions as a direct representative. “Even though we sell only the highest-quality wireless communications equipment, we recognize that it sometimes needs service and repair,” Jerry Denham, BearCom’s President & CEO, said in announcing the designation. “Our Technical Services Group is staffed … Continue reading

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Internet of Things Update: Motorola Solutions CTO Sees “Intelligent” Retail Stores

While the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be the subject of mind-boggling projections, major companies—including our partner Motorola Solutions—are working to develop new mobile technologies that will solve real-world business problems. “The ‘Internet of Things’—technologists’ vision of a network of billions of connected devices—has attracted the attention of a number of tech giants—including Cisco, Intel, and General Electric—all of whom have internal business units dedicated to building the infrastructure for that network,” The Washington Post said this month in a … Continue reading

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Wireless Technology Helping to Drive the Booming Video Surveillance Industry

Okay, so the recent Super Bowl wasn’t much of a game. But there were plenty of noteworthy elements beyond the weather, the halftime show, and the event’s largest-ever television audience. Security at the event was unprecedented—not just the day of the game, but the days and weeks leading up to it. A 2.5-mile chainlink fence surrounded the stadium, and there were helicopters, boat patrols, and an advanced system of IP video surveillance cameras. Video was processed by an artificial intelligence system … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radios Play a Role as Construction Industry Builds Momentum

The construction industry is on a roll, according to experts who project construction starts will be up 9% this year, on top of last year’s 5% gain. The biggest increases in activity will be in single-family housing, commercial building, and multifamily housing. Getting all that construction work done as efficiently and safely as possible will take top-floor communications capabilities, and that’s where two-way radios come in. Two-way radios have long been popular tools on construction sites, and it’s easy to … Continue reading

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New Analog-to-Digital Migration Guide Helps Users Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies

All around us, the wireless world is going digital. But organizations have questions about this breakthrough technology. To provide them with answers, BearCom and Motorola Solutions teamed up to create our Analog-to-Digital Migration Guide: “Five Reasons to Migrate to Digital Two-Way Radios.” “A ‘smart’ revolution is transforming two-way radios,” the guide begins. “Digital technology is opening the door to a host of useful web-based applications for two-way radios, even as it enhances capacity, coverage, audio quality, and battery life.” Available … Continue reading

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Private Pilots Shouldn’t Take Off Without a Backup Radio

Those of you who follow my adventures know that I can fly to wherever there’s a communications emergency. Regular folks need a plane, and what do private pilots need? They need two-way radios, of course! A recent story on TodaysWirelessWorld.com explained how many private pilots wouldn’t consider taking to the air without a backup radio. “Imagine what happens if an airplane’s primary radio fails in flight,” the story says. “You’re thousands of feet in the air at the controls of … Continue reading

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In a World of Cell Phones, Remote Call Boxes Still Have a Place

Nearly everyone has a cell phone or smartphone these days, so who needs remote call boxes? Plenty of people do, our Mike Butler wrote recently in an article on TodaysWirelessWorld.com. “Cell phones are vital in emergencies, whether it’s a natural disaster or a car crash,” Butler said. “However, cell phone batteries can die, callers by the hundreds sometimes clog the airwaves, and frazzled onlookers can even struggle to dial 911 (if it’s even available).” That’s why there will always be … Continue reading

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BearCom’s 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide Heading to Customers Soon

Some companies publish catalogs filled with little more than pretty pictures and glowing product descriptions. Not BearCom. Our 2014 Wireless Products, Services & Solutions Guide, which is headed to customers early next week, is filled with detailed information about BearCom’s capabilities and scope, as well as updates on the latest innovations in wireless technology. “In this issue, we explore how digital technology is transforming two-way radios,” said BearCom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kent Huffman, who oversees the annual project. “That section … Continue reading

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BearCom’s 2013 Marked by New Products, Operations Center, Maintenance Plans, and the Motorola CP200d

This first day of the new year seems like the perfect time to look back at all that happened at BearCom during 2013, a year that brought new products and solutions, an award for our BC130 two-way radio, a revamped online magazine, and a potential game changer from Motorola Solutions. It was just last month that we announced the opening of the BearCom Network Operations Center (NOC), which can monitor customers’ Motorola MOTOTRBO systems around the clock. It provides system … Continue reading

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Volunteer Brings Holiday Music Back to Downtown Plaza in Fairbanks, Alaska

Even superheroes need helpers, and today I want to congratulate one who responded beautifully to a communications emergency in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska. His name is John Benevento, and thanks to “Benny,” the clock tower carillon in Golden Heart Plaza plays Christmas music instead of two-way radio traffic from the city’s public safety agencies. According to the Fairbanks News-Miner, the carillon designed to fill the downtown square with music was beset by problems almost since the local Rotary Club put it … Continue reading

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BearCom Opens Network Operations Center to Offer Customers Continuous Monitoring of Their Communications Systems

Today’s two-way radios rely on base stations and repeaters to relay voice communications from one radio to the others. If these pieces of the infrastructure develop problems, the operation of the entire system can be compromised. To help customers avoid these problems, BearCom this week announced the opening of its Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC not only can alert BearCom’s enterprise customers to problems, it can help them optimize their systems for maximum efficiency. “Wireless communications systems are vital … Continue reading

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Motorola Solutions Helps Provide Wi-Fi Connectivity to Toronto’s Subway System

With help from our partner Motorola Solutions, wireless LAN is going down under. In this case, I don’t mean Australia, but underground into the subway system in Toronto, Canada. There, ruggedized wireless access points and controllers using Motorola’s Wireless Next Generation technology were chosen by BAI Canada to give Wi-Fi connectivity to Toronto’s subway riders. TCConnect, as it’s being called, was unveiled this week at two of the city’s busiest subway stations, and it eventually will cover all 65 that are … Continue reading

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How Wireless Technology Impacts the Retail Industry During the Holiday Season

Hiring happens on a mind-boggling scale at this time of year. Retailers will add up to 780,000 seasonal workers to handle the crush of holiday consumers. Many will have little experience, limited product knowledge, and no familiarity with store operations. How will they get answers? Through a two-way radio. Radios are being used in an increasing number of retail settings because they provide the one-to-many communications that result in quick responses to queries. One person sends the same message to … Continue reading

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Pilgrims’ Progress: The Second Thanksgiving and the Motorola CP200d

Last year at this time, we told you how wireless technology saved the first Thanksgiving, improving communications and making for a festive celebration for the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians in 1621. Historians are just now learning about the struggles the new settlers faced in their second year in the New World, and how they were solved by digital two-way radios. Around turkey-laden tables across the nation, many families each year recall the now-familiar tale of the first Thanksgiving. They … Continue reading

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BearCom’s New Preventive Maintenance Plans Help Keep Organizational Efficiency High and Equipment Lasting Longer

Our fleet of rental radios from Motorola Solutions—we’ve got 20,000 of them—has taught us a thing or two about preventive maintenance. All that experience and expertise helped us develop the BearCom Preventive Maintenance Plans, which officially launched this week. “A communications system is only as strong as its weakest link,” BearCom President & CEO Jerry Denham said in a news release announcing the new offering. “With a Preventive Maintenance Plan from BearCom, our customers can avoid outages and unexpected repair … Continue reading

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BearCom-Sponsored Golf Event Raises $43,000 for Two Wounded Warrior Charities

When a steady rain moved in on the morning of the 2013 AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic, what did the nearly 180 participants do? They soldiered on, of course! This year’s tournament, with BearCom and Motorola Solutions as lead sponsors, raised $43,000 for two Dallas-area charities helping injured servicemen and women. “The rain may have diminished our golf games but not our gratitude for the men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our nation’s freedom,” BearCom President … Continue reading

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New Predictions Call for Even More Rapid Growth of the Machine-to-Machine Industry

The latest news on the machine-to-machine (M2M) industry points to even faster growth in M2M and identifies the business sectors that stand to be most impacted. Strategy Analytics says M2M will grow from $45 billion in annual revenue in 2013 to an amazing $242 billion in 2022. The report’s author, Andrew Brown, was quoted by M2M World News as saying, “Healthcare, consumer electronics, utilities, and vehicles are areas that will see major revenue growth, through the driving out of inefficiency … Continue reading

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Vehicle Applications Pushing Surveillance Video Purchases

Some $500 million was spent on video surveillance equipment in 2012, and that doesn’t even count accessories. A big driver of that spending is, well, driving. A significant portion of the video surveillance equipment being purchased these days is being used to equip vehicles: school buses, patrol cars, and commuter trains to name a few. While school systems can use surveillance cameras to monitor child safety inside buses, some districts have found that the real need is on the outside. … Continue reading

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When Vintage Locomotive Lost Power, It Was BearCom to the Rescue

I’m not the only superhero here at BearCom. We’ve got people with amazing levels of experience and expertise in two-way radios and other wireless solutions who every day solve complex and unusual challenges for customers. One of my personal BearCom superheroes is Product & Purchasing Manager Hugh Johnston, who recently told me about how he helped restore power to the mobile two-way radio in an unusual vehicle: a steam locomotive built in 1896. “My favorite attraction in my Texas hometown … Continue reading

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Two-Way Radio Options for Fire Departments

All across the country, declining state and local revenues have caused budget cuts to numerous public safety agencies. Fire departments, with limited funds and the admonishment to do “more with less,” are looking for two-way radio solutions with affordability as a major factor. Fortunately, there are options. In Los Angeles, the fire department’s budget for the 2011-2012 year was $472 million, down from $561 million two years earlier. Last year, the city council voted to leave 318 firefighting positions unfilled. … Continue reading

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BearCom’s Motorola BC130 Recognized by Construction Industry Publications as a Top 50 Product for Contractors

The Motorola BC130 has been a winner for years, and now it’s official. This BearCom-branded two-way radio has been recognized in the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products awards made annually by Equipment Today magazine and ForConstructionPros.com. The awards are based on reader interest in earthmoving, road-building, lifting, demolition, transportation, and technology products. The Motorola BC130 was among four technology products honored, along with a rugged smartphone, a grade-control system, and an operator vision system. “We’re always pleased to see our … Continue reading

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Wireless Technology Aids the Healthcare Industry Far Beyond Obvious Applications

It seems everyone is talking about healthcare. This week, the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Many wonder what this means for their individual care plans. Now more than ever, hospitals need to reduce costs and increase efficiency through any means available. Digital wireless technology offers a clear path to improved productivity. Most hospitals are anxious to try new technology. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society found that 79% of 253 healthcare executives … Continue reading

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For Los Angeles River Path, Council Member Puts Out a Call for Remote Call Boxes to Keep People Safer

Sure, almost everyone has a smartphone these days, but the little jewels don’t work everywhere all the time, and there are times when we don’t carry them. Fortunately, other wireless technologies fill those voids. One of them is remote call boxes, which will be used to keep people in Southern California safe as they enjoy the outdoors. The Los Angeles River biking and walking path is a busy place. All day and night, riders and walkers make use of this … Continue reading

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BearCom, Motorola Solutions Return as Lead Sponsors of AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic

Attention golfers, it’s time again to get your clubs cleaned up and your swings in shape for the AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic, which is set for October 14 with BearCom and Motorola Solutions as lead sponsors. This year’s event promises to be even better, with a new venue, more participation from wounded warriors, and some fantastic items for the post-tournament raffle. The 2013 AUSA Wounded Warrior Golf Classic will be held at Firewheel Golf Park, one of the Dallas … Continue reading

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Expansions in Petrochemical Industry Mean Jobs, Increased Need for Digital Wireless Solutions

Innovations can dramatically influence the logistical needs of any industry. So when technological advances helped unlock natural gas and oil from shale formations, it meant growth for the petrochemical industry and an increased need for digital wireless solutions. As a result of the boom in shale gas, ExxonMobil has made plans to expand the capacity of its petrochemical complex on the Gulf Coast. The Baytown, Texas, complex will be tasked with converting ethane, a natural gas liquid, into the chemical … Continue reading

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Reports Continue to Praise IP Video Surveillance as Force Multiplier

Across the country, the public’s safety remains a top concern of governments and citizen alike. Getting more policing while holding down costs seems to be on a lot of people’s minds. Judging by several recent news accounts, governmental organizations and policing agencies appear to have found a key force multiplier in the form of IP video surveillance. The term is used in several stories describing how video surveillance systems are being used to fight crime. Newsday’s report about the video … Continue reading

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BearCom Expands Its Presence in Florida with Acquisition of A&R Radio Rentals

BearCom is getting even bigger in Florida. Today, the company announced it has acquired an Orlando-area business that for decades has served a range of customers with two-way rentals. In a news release, BearCom Executive Vice President Brent Bisnar, who directs our rental operations, said, “In A&R Radio Rentals, we have acquired a strong local and regional provider that is servicing some clients on a nationwide basis.” A&R is located in Winter Garden, Florida, and it focuses on two-way radio … Continue reading

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BearCom’s Nationwide Branch Network: Four Benefits for Customers

By now, people all across the wireless industry know BearCom is different. We’re the only dealer and integrator of wireless communications equipment with a nationwide presence. Our network of 26 branch locations across the country is unique in the industry. But what specifically does the BearCom branch network do for customers? “Many of our customers offer their services nationally,” said BearCom Executive Vice President Brent Bisnar, who directs our rental operations. “As the only supplier with nationwide points of presence, … Continue reading

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BearCom Introduces Company-Branded Audio Accessories for Several Popular Two-Way Radio Models

Big news from BearCom: We are introducing of a new line of audio accessories that will carry the company name. The speaker-microphones and surveillance kits are designed for Motorola Solutions’ XPR3300 and XPR3500 digital two-way radios and the EVX-531 and VX-450 Series models from Vertex Standard. BearCom works to keep a close eye on our customers’ needs, and one of those needs has been audio accessories for certain popular Motorola MOTOTRBO and Vertex Standard two-way radios. This new line of … Continue reading

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Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios: Which Is Right for My Business? (Part Four)

Part Three Almost any discussion of cell phones eventually turns to apps. This smartphone platform has these cool applications and that platform has these others. Many people don’t realize that two-way radios have apps as well, and their growth is being fueled by the same third-party ingenuity that gave us Angry Birds. In this final installment of our comparison of cell phones and two-way radios, we’ll look at applications and that most paramount of concerns: cost. Applications came to two-way … Continue reading

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New CP200d Two-Way Radio from Motorola Solutions Combines Simplicity, Durability, and Digital Technology

What do you do when you have one of the most popular two-way radios ever produced in the Motorola CP200? If you’re Motorola Solutions, you make it better. And that’s what happened with the introduction this week of the Motorola CP200d. By bringing a digital option to one of the most popular talk-and-listen radios on the market, Motorola continues to add to its rapidly expanding MOTOTRBO line. Introduced in 2007, it has grown to more than 20 different models. Motorola … Continue reading

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Wireless Technology Helps to Keep Schools Manageable

Schools function as a complex network of teachers, coaches, administrators, accountants, clerks, counselors, diagnosticians, nurses, cooks, security officers, librarians, computer technicians, janitors, bus drivers, and parent volunteers. The logistics are staggering. For any principal or college president, the biggest responsibility is the safety of the hundreds, if not thousands, of students. Maintaining proper communications among the staff and around the campus is the most proactive step an administrator can take to enhance safety, improve security, and increase overall productivity. TodaysWirelessWorld.com … Continue reading

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Predicted Expansion of M2M Technology Signals New Landscape for Wireless Industry

The first wave of the Internet connected users to information found on websites. The second wave went further by connecting users to each other through social media. The third wave will go beyond interactions with personal computers to include digital wireless technology, connecting machines and systems in a vast network to benefit users. Simply stated, devices will talk to each other to optimize our daily living. According to a new report from IHS Electronics & Media, the expansion of machine-to-machine … Continue reading

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Today’s Wireless World Online Magazine Re-Launched with Support from BearCom, Motorola Solutions

Today’s Wireless World, an award-winning magazine focused on the latest innovations in wireless technology for commercial and government applications, has been re-launched online with the help of contributors from BearCom and Motorola Solutions. Both companies will offer their expertise as part of a greatly expanded effort to deliver up-to-date information on two-way radios and other wireless technologies. TodaysWirelessWorld.com offers a steady stream of coverage on the uses of two-way radios and related equipment across a wide range of industries, including … Continue reading

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Advice on Lifecycle Management of Two-Way Radio Fleets

An announcement last week from Motorola Solutions about its Mobility Lifecycle Management service got me thinking about what companies need to do to maintain their fleets of two-way radios. For the whole story, I went to Hugh Johnston, BearCom’s Product & Purchasing Manager, who as usual had plenty of good advice. “Radios can lead a tough life,” Hugh said, explaining how they can get dropped and banged against things. Knobs and antennas have it especially rough. “And the most difficult … Continue reading

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Cell Phones or Two-Way Radios: Which Is Right for My Business? (Part Three)

Part Two When companies weigh the relative merits of cell phones and two-way radios, there’s one group that has to stay top of mind: the users. These are the people actually using the equipment, after all. This series of articles has examined communications philosophy, urgency, coverage, reliability, and security. Now we turn our discussion of cell phones and two-way radios to users’ concerns, which center on durability and ease of use. How many people you know have cracked the screen … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for the Nextel Network Shutdown Now Just Days Away?

They said it, we said it, now we’ll say it again: The shutdown of the Nextel National Network is happening at the end of this month. Are you ready with another wireless communication solution to replace Nextel push-to-talk phones? We’ve known for years that the Nextel National Network, which is based on iDEN technology inadequate to meet the data needs of modern smartphones, was on its way out. Sprint, which now owns the network, announced the shutdown in late 2010. … Continue reading

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Educational Institutions, Retail Chains Continue to Embrace IP Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance cameras have been popping up in gas stations and parking lots for decades, but as budgets tighten and safety concerns rise, more organizations than ever are turning to them. As I travel around the country, I’m seeing them more and more in schools and retail stores. In Walpole, Massachusetts, high school officials had petitioned the town’s budget committee for funds to install additional security cameras for the past few years. Finally, in April, the town voted to approve the … Continue reading

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Vertex Standard’s New EVX-531 Digital Radio Shined at Presidential Inauguration

At BearCom, we know all about how two-way radios make large events easier to manage, more enjoyable to attend, and safer for all. We’ve helped some truly high-profile events with two-way radio rentals. So it’s with that experience that we tip our hats today to our partners at Vertex Standard. A new case study from Vertex Standard details how its eVerge EVX-531 portable digital radios were used by Red Cross Disaster Relief teams deployed to provide public safety assistance in … Continue reading

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91-Year-Old Motorola Solutions Employee Says that “Innovation Has Kept Me Interested”

We have plenty of people at BearCom with decades of experience in two-way radios and other wireless products and solutions, but no one here can match the longevity of Chester Matusek. At 91, Chester is perhaps the oldest and longest-tenured employee of Motorola Solutions. The Algonquin, Illinois, resident is a metal mold maker who has worked on some of Motorola’s most famous products, including the first DynaTAC cell phone. “At the metal shop, we were involved in everything at Motorola,” … Continue reading

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Narrowbanding Issues Remain Unresolved Months After FCC’s January 1 Deadline

Nearly five months after the FCC’s narrowbanding deadline, people are still talking about the mandate for users of two way radios to convert to 12.5 kHz technology. Among them is Al Ittner, Senior Manager of Spectrum Strategy for Motorola Solutions. Ittner was in Houston last week to speak at the Utilities Telecom Council’s annual conference. His topic was “Narrowbanding: I Missed the Deadline. Now What?” The narrowbanding mandate from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is familiar to most everyone who … Continue reading

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Motorola Solutions CEO Takes to Twitter to Cheer on His Colleagues and His Scarlet Knights

Some executives shy away from social media networks or leave the tweeting to other professionals on their staffs. But Motorola Solutions Chairman & CEO Greg Brown sure doesn’t appear to be one of them. Brown’s Twitter feed (@GregBrownMoto) shows that he is a leader, is interested in politics, and loves his sports teams. “One of the most unbelievable Bulls games ever. One for the ages!” he said after a triple-overtime Chicago win on April 27. Brown also cheers hard for his … Continue reading

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Latest Issue of Today’s Wireless World Magazine Highlights Wireless Solutions for Manufacturers

BearCom is out with the latest edition of Today’s Wireless World, our award-winning magazine that focuses on the latest innovations in wireless technology. This issue is all about solutions for manufacturers. Available in digital and print formats, the Special Manufacturing Issue of Today’s Wireless World focuses on how manufacturers are using wireless technology to solve problems and increase productivity. It discusses how, with two-way radios, analog technology has given way to advanced digital systems, like the MOTOTRBO line from industry … Continue reading

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