Why Launch the BearCom Bulletin?

Hello folks! Wireless Woman here with the inaugural post of the BearCom Bulletin, our new blog.

Probably the single most often asked question I get (other than how I maintain my girlish figure while still eating so many pastries) is how I stay on top of the rapidly changing world of communications technology. The short answer is that I do it with my super anti-yawning power! I mean, let’s face it—wireless communications technology isn’t exactly the sexiest topic in the world.

Sure, it’s important—few technologies in history have spread as rapidly to more human benefit. And sure, it’s valuable—in addition to being a multi-billion dollar industry in and of itself, wireless telephony and signaling have probably facilitated trillions in commerce worldwide in just the last decade alone. But immersing yourself into the finer points of VHF, UHF, MHz, amplitude, and analog vs. digital is not high on most people’s list of passionate pursuits.

I guess that’s what makes those of us here at BearCom a bit different. We’re passionate about wireless technologies and what they’re doing to make the world better. We’re deeply dedicated not only to bringing to large enterprises, medium-sized growth companies, nonprofits, and government entities the latest in wireless tools and technologies, but we want to help make sure those entities know how to use them to achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the main ways we do that is by constantly educating ourselves not only on new products and services, but how they can be used in ever-better ways, and then making sure we pass that knowledge on to our customers, partners, and the marketplace in general. That’s what this blog, the BearCom Bulletin, is all about. It’s our newest way to carry on what we hope will be a practical, meaningful, and beneficial conversation with those who are impacted by the wireless communications technology industry as it undergoes some of the most sweeping and exciting changes in its history.

Over the coming weeks and months, it is our intention to use this space to inform, educate, advocate, challenge, and salute. We hope to do so in a way that will enlighten and, at least occasionally, entertain you.

But please know this: we do not consider this to be our blog. Yes, we host and facilitate it, but it isn’t ours. It’s yours. It’s designed to make you more effective. Maybe that means learning best practices that save you time. Maybe that means learning new uses for technology that save you money. Maybe that means letting you know about new regulations or rules that will change how you or your customers operate. Maybe that means spotlighting industry players who have made significant achievements. Or it may mean something totally different that you want or need.

It’s an extremely exciting and, yes, a bit overwhelming time to be alive. There’s a massive amount of change happening in the global economy right now, and wireless is smack dab in the middle of a good deal of that change. We hope you come to see this blog as an important guidepost as you forge ahead.

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