Young Ham Radio Operator Has a Motorola-Filled Christmas

Kie Martin says this was his best Christmas ever. “I got some stuff from Motorola and from BearCom, too,” said the 10-year-old Houston boy, who received a Motorola-branded backpack, USB drive, pen, teddy bear, and several other items. They were fitting gifts for a boy who is already a diehard Motorola Solutions fan with a growing collection of Motorola two-way radios and an uncanny understanding of them.

Two Way Radio Rental | Walkie Talkie Rental | Narrowbanding | KieMartin 300x199Kie’s father, Brian Martin, is a ham radio operator, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising that young Kie became interested in radios. But he started playing with them at four. And by nine, he had earned his FCC technician class amateur radio license after passing an exam that covers radio theory, regulations, and operating practices.

Now he’s into programming radios. Brian said Kie (call sign N5BRI) will load six channels into a Motorola HT600 two-way radio and then start adding services. He’s figured out how to send text messages between radios without a network. And he even helps out other ham operators. “He simply loves it,” said Brian. “He will have these guys over and program their equipment for them for free.”

Two Way Radio Rental | Walkie Talkie Rental | Narrowbanding | KieMartin21 223x300Why Motorola? Kie explained, “They’re pretty sturdy, and even if you drop them, they don’t get hurt.” Then he added, “The programming software for the older radios is all DOS, and I figured out how to do it.”

Not surprisingly, two-way radios were the subject of Kie’s fourth-grade science project at Harvard Elementary School. His project—”How does the height of an antenna affect the distance a VHF radio wave travels?”—earned Kie a second-place ribbon. That accomplishment also won Kie a letter of congratulations from Motorola CEO Greg Brown, who sent along another gift, a one-of-a-kind Motorola logo that had been in his office. Kie was also featured on Christmas day in a post on the Motorola blog.

Kie even sleeps with his Motorola radios.

So what’s next on Kie’s wish list? “MOTOTRBO!” he exclaimed. “Most of the repeaters in Colorado and down here use MOTOTRBO.” Brian added, “He’s trying to get me to get him a TRBO so he can figure out how it works.” Something tells me Kie will get that TRBO radio, and that he’ll figure out how it works.

Merry Christmas, Kie. Enjoy all your Motorola gifts!

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