BearCom Sponsoring Expedition Outreach and its Death-Defying Icelandic Adventure

Motorola Solutions makes some of the toughest two-way radios on the market, and this fall, a couple of them will be put to the ultimate test during an amazing expedition being sponsored in part by BearCom.

Expedition Outreach, a charitable organization based in Boston, will be traveling to Iceland in August to try and set the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest alpine face-first luge. Team leader Michael Coyne, who already holds the world record for the highest-altitude luge run, will attempt to be the fastest person on Earth using an alpine skeleton-style sled.

Two Way Radio Rental | Walkie Talkie Rental | Narrowbanding | ExpeditionOutreachWhen the months of preparations for the trip turned to the need for two-way radio communications, Michael reached out to BearCom, which supported the group in the late 1990s as it made a series of expeditions to South America. “I have led many expeditions, from the Bolivian Andes and the Amazon jungle to Alaska and the Arctic Circle,” Michael wrote us. “While not necessarily any longer of an expedition, Iceland in 2013 has proven to be my most challenging. The hardest part of my expedition planning has been training, which is full-time now—all day and every day.”

BearCom is supplying Michael and his team with two Motorola HT1000 two-way radios, each of which has a whip antenna, a nickel metal hydride battery, and a belt clip. The sponsorship also includes two spare batteries, two speaker microphones, and two single-unit, rapid-rate chargers. The HT1000 is one of the most durable radios in the vast fleet that helps make BearCom the leader in two-way radio rentals. It meets military standards for water, dust, and shock.

“Increasing our level of safety is what handheld radios are all about,” Michael explained. “I’ve done climbs with radios and without. Having them creates a much broader safety margin, along with increasing the perception of safety and team morale. That’s something that cannot be underestimated when far from home, hungry, and tired!”

Safety certainly is a concern on this trip—and so is weather. Michael said, “While it is summer in Iceland, the Vatnajokull Glacier is enormous, like a great sea of ice riddled with dangerous crevasses. Really bad weather can come in at any time, because it’s also close to the icy North Atlantic Ocean. So we expect cold conditions and will take steps to keep the batteries warm.”

Fuel to recharge those batteries will come from the sun. The expedition is being supplied with solar recharging panels to power all its electronic equipment.

“Expeditions like this cannot happen without the support of fine companies like BearCom,” Michael said. And we’re pleased to offer our support.

Good luck from BearCom, Michael! We’ll check back with you soon for an update.

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